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Why You Need Whole-Home Surge Protection April 6, 2018

Rochester, Rochester, NY
Why You Need Whole-Home Surge Protection, Rochester, New York

When it comes to your home’s electrical wiring, the real challenge isn’t getting power into the building; it’s controlling the electricity that flows in. Without protective measures, your house’s wiring and appliance circuits may be overwhelmed with excessive voltage. To keep this from happening, you need surge protection.

How Surge Protection Works

A surge protector is a device installed between your appliances and your power source. When the voltage surges — due to fluctuations in the grid, lightning strikes, or even devices in your own home — the surge protector diverts the extra power. Most surge protectors achieve this by shorting to ground any unwanted voltage, allowing the excess energy to dissipate harmlessly.

Why You Need Surge Protection

Surge ProtectionWhen your house wiring experiences an electrical surge, powerful electricity can run through the circuits of any device attached to your power grid. For some older, simpler appliances, this isn’t a problem. Today, many household objects incorporate circuit boards and microchips, and this delicate circuitry can be burnt out by a power surge. In a worst-case scenario, this excess electricity can result in a house fire. Surge protection — either from surge protectors plugged into your outlets or built into your home electrical system — grounds out the extra electricity and prevents most surge-related damage to your appliances.


As circuit boards in simple appliances become more commonplace, it makes more and more sense to install surge protection to cover your whole home. If you’re experiencing home electrical problems in the Greater Rochester area, call Doctor Electric in Churchville, NY. This owner-operated electrical contracting company provides installation, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs for both indoor and outdoor systems, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To schedule a visit, call (585) 428-9198 or check out their website for more information on their residential services.