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Can Technology Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Claim? March 30, 2018

Mineola, North Hempstead
Can Technology Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Claim?, North Hempstead, New York

If you’re trying to build a strong personal injury claim, there are many factors to be wary of. For instance, you should not postpone visiting a doctor, nor should you accept a settlement offer right away. However, there are also lesser-known actions accident victims often overlook, like posting on social media or wearing a smartwatch while recovering. Doing so, unfortunately, could jeopardize your chances of securing compensation. 

Smartwatches & Fitbits

If you wear a smartwatch or Fitbit® on a daily basis, take it off while recovering. Data from any fitness or GPS device could be used as evidence against you, even if it is inaccurate. For example, if you are seeking compensation for limited mobility but your Apple Watch indicates lots of activity because a family member borrowed it, the insurance adjuster could still deny the claim because of alleged fraud. Unfortunately, changing the device’s privacy settings may not be enough to protect your case. Even if you do not publish all the data online, there are ways for insurance adjusters to access it.

Smartphones & Social Media

personal injuryIf you have a smartphone with a decent camera, you probably have at least one social media account, as well. Devices make it incredibly easy to stay in touch with friends, and apps like Facebook®, Twitter®, and Instagram® provide the perfect platform on which to do so. However, it’s wise to avoid posting as long as you have a pending personal injury case. The insurance adjuster will likely scour your profile—and all your friends’ pages—for any signs that you are exaggerating or lying about the damages.


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