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3 Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces April 2, 2018

Potomac, Montgomery
3 Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces, Potomac, Maryland

Taking proper care of your braces is crucial. Along with brushing and flossing, orthodontists also caution people with braces to steer clear of certain foods, as they can damage your teeth and require further treatment. Accordingly, Rad Orthodontics of Potomac, MD, recommends for their patients to remember a few foods to avoid while caring for their braces.

3 Foods That May Harm Your Braces From a Trusted Orthodontist

1. Popcorn

When you have braces, getting food stuck between your teeth can be a hassle. This is the main reason orthodontists tell their patients to avoid popcorn. Kernels can easily get stuck between your teeth, and your dental apparatus will impede flossing. If a kernel remains stuck, your gums will get swollen and irritated, which can lead to an infection. 

2. Candy

orthodontistMany different candies can pose a hazard to your braces. Hard candies may damage your dental apparatus while sticky sweets like taffy can get stuck. Additionally, the high sugar content in most candies causes an increase of bacteria, which, in turn, will increase your risk of cavities. 

3. Corn on the Cob

While corn itself is acceptable to eat with braces, when it’s on the cob, it can be problematic. This is because biting down with your front teeth can break your braces, which would require an emergency trip to the dentist. In this case, make sure you cut the kernels off the cob before eating. You should also refrain from biting directly into apples (instead try chopping them up into more manageable pieces).

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