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4 Benefits of an Irrigation Well April 3, 2018

Shell Lake, Washburn
4 Benefits of an Irrigation Well , Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Access to a reliable, renewable water source is crucial for sustainable living and agriculture. Whether you’re an urban gardener or rural farmer, an irrigation well will help you better care for your land, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money. DMB Drilling Co Inc in Shell Lake, WI, is Washburn County’s go-to excavation and well water maintenance company. Here, they explain the benefits of an irrigation well. 

4 Reasons to Install an Irrigation Well 

1. Is Better for Environment

Irrigation wells provide a renewable water resource, and much of the water used is absorbed by the soil and recycled. Municipal supplies, on the other hand, use shared reservoirs which can deplete water sources. Having an on-site irrigation well eliminates the need to transport water from elsewhere via a lengthy pipe network or delivery system. 

2. Saves Money 

Although the initial installation cost can be expensive, your irrigation system will pay for itself by offering a free water supply. You can use as much water as you need, even during dry seasons, without having to worry about price hikes. 

3. Cleans Water 

irrigation wellMunicipal water supply sources can be vulnerable to environmental contamination in the form of animal manufacturing runoff and waste, pollution, and road salt. With an irrigation well, you can use a filtration system to keep water pure. You can also monitor your water quality first-hand, rather than waiting for the city to report contaminants. 

4. Increases Property Value 

Residential wells are a valuable amenity and attract prospective buyers. Eco-conscious home features are in high demand, and many people are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing creature comforts. A self-sufficient water supply is an earth-friendly convenience and particularly valuable if you have a significant tract of farmland or garden space. 

Other great reasons to install an irrigation well are lower fertilizer costs, lower crop insurance costs, guaranteed yield, and increased land value. The self-sufficiency benefits, health qualities, and overall Earth-friendly benefits of irrigation wells make them a great investment for your land. 

Agriculture is a way of life in Wisconsin. Whether you have a community garden or cash crop, an irrigation well will help you cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve the environment. If you’re interested in learning more about irrigation systems and water wells, contact the experts at DMB Drilling Co Inc by calling (715) 653-4202 or visiting the website.

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