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Why Keep Collectibles in a Mini-Storage Unit? September 4, 2018

Groveton, Lee
Why Keep Collectibles in a Mini-Storage Unit?, Lee, Virginia

If you’re a serious collector, it’s worth keeping your beloved items in a mini-storage unit rather than at home. Whether your focus is books, vintage toys, or art pieces, storing these items in your own house isn’t necessarily the best idea, as it can create a cluttered appearance, and possibly even harm your items. You may wish to display a few of your collectibles at home, but you’ll thank yourself for storing most of it remotely. Consider some of the benefits of opting for off-site storage.

Save Space

mini storageWhen you rent out a mini-storage unit for collectibles, you don’t have to worry about running out of room at home. By making the best use of space in your unit, you can save your extra closet space for things you actually use every day. Keeping your collectibles away from home can also help you prevent clutter and maintain a clean appearance, which will help you and your guests feel more comfortable.

Preserve Your Items

Sensitive collectibles, such as books or wood furniture, can deteriorate when stored in suboptimal conditions. For example, direct sunlight can fade wood, while too much humidity can cause mold growth in certain materials. The ideal conditions for objects aren’t always what’s ideal for people, so storing them in your own home could actually prove detrimental. To keep collectibles in good condition, invest in climate-controlled storage units, which can protect items from sunlight, moisture, and other elements.


Running out of space in your home? If you’re an avid collector looking for space to keep your valued possessions, get in touch with Holly Hills Self Storage and ask about their available mini-storage units. Located in Alexandria, VA, and serving the whole of Fairfax County, the locally owned facility is tightly secured and features climate-controlled units for items in need of ideal conditions. For questions, call (703) 765-3115. More information about their storage options is available online.