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Senior Living Providers Discuss How to Stay Safe During Flu Season November 16, 2018

Senior Living Providers Discuss How to Stay Safe During Flu Season, Northwest Travis, Texas

The flu season can be dangerous, and if you don’t take measures to protect yourself, you could be vulnerable to catching this virus. Seniors, in particular, face a high risk for health complications, and if you’re part of a senior living community, it’s especially important to do what you can to prevent contracting and spreading this disease to others. Below, the elderly care professionals at Longhorn Village in Austin, TX, offer some simple ways to stay safe during flu season.

How to Avoid Catching the Flu as a Senior

1. Take Care of Your Whole Body

A strong immune system will help you fight off viruses and decrease the severity of illness if you do catch the flu. Eating a wide range of nutritious foods, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, and reducing stress levels will help you stay in top shape and give your immune system the boost it needs to attack an invading virus.

2. Wash Your Hands 

life-care-Austin-TexasThe flu virus spreads through microscopic droplets of moisture that are expelled when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets adhere to objects that are common in senior living residences, such as doorknobs, handrails, and other items you touch multiple times a day. Your first line of defense is to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and avoid touching your own mouth, nose, and eyes. You don’t need fancy antibacterial soaps or gels—simple bathroom soaps and warm water will work just fine. Lather up your palms, as well as the backs of your hands, for maximum protection.

3. Get the Flu Shot

Medical experts agree the best way to protect yourself during flu season is to get vaccinated. People who are 65 and older have the highest complication rates from the disease and are at the highest risk of hospitalization and death. Vaccines that are specially manufactured for seniors provide a high level of protection. Additionally, getting immunized will contribute to the important “herd immunity” effect that can protect others in your retirement community who may be frailer or have compromised immune systems, thus putting them at higher risks of serious health consequences.

Be proactive about protecting your health by following these simple tips during flu season, and take steps to ensure your overall well-being by considering the benefits of senior living at Longhorn Village. This top-quality life care community offers an extensive array of stimulating activities and amenities that keep seniors engaged, healthy, and living their best lives. To schedule a tour, call (512) 266-5600, and visit their website to read more about their unique approach to senior housing.

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