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3 Tips to Protect Children From Gun Accidents May 4, 2018

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3 Tips to Protect Children From Gun Accidents, Barnesville, Ohio

If you own firearms, you will likely be interested in learning how to keep them out of your child’s reach. While children have an uncanny way of finding anything that parents attempt to hide, many accidents can be prevented when guns are stored properly. Here, the Liberty Safe® dealers at Flag Floors of Barnesville in Ohio share several tips to keep guns from being misused.

How to Protect Children From Your Guns 

1. Keep Guns Unloaded

Unless the firearm is in use, it should be unloaded. If you take your gun to the firing range to practice, remember to remove any remaining bullets before you leave the range. Always double-check to make sure the firearm is unloaded before storing it, as well.

2. Speak With Your Kids

Liberty SafeAs a responsible gun owner, you will want to raise responsible children. That starts with talking to them in an age-appropriate way about gun safety. Project Gun Safe provides a video on how to approach the subject with your kids to keep everyone in your household informed and protected. With summer around the corner, your children might be spending more time at home alone. Now is the perfect time to start the conversation about gun safety.

3. Buy a Gun Safe

The best way to keep your gun out of reach is to lock it away in a Liberty Safe. Whether you own one gun or several, you can purchase a security safe that is large enough to hold your firearms and ammunition, while keeping inquisitive children at bay.

Taking proactive steps to prevent your children from getting access to your firearms requires diligence. Let the Liberty Safe dealers at Flag Floors of Barnesville help you choose the right safe for your needs. With a lifetime warranty and their trusted reputation, your family will be well protected. To learn more about purchasing a Liberty Safe, call (740) 425-3344. Visit them online for more information about their other products and services, including a wide selection of flooring options, countertops, and custom cabinets for all your home improvement projects.