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Couples Therapy; an asset to ALL couples April 17, 2015

Newfield - Westover - Turn of River, Stamford
Couples Therapy; an asset to ALL couples, Stamford, Connecticut

The average Married Couple or Life partnership forms when people are in their mid to late 20's with many forming as early as High School. However, less than half of couple's will ever try couple's therapy or counseling of any sort. Yet, an overwhelming majority of the American population has anywhere between 12-20 years (or more) of education preparing them for their career of choice. Furthermore, more than half of married partners will say that they would like to have a relationship better than their parent's. However most couples learn most of what they know about marriage from the example set by their parents. 

Many times Couple's seek therapy at the point in their relationship where they feel that they have exhausted all other options and are on the brink of breaking up or divorce. While Therapy Now has been successful at providing the adequate guidance and tools necessary to bring these couple's back from the brink of a break-up; it is not always the best time to be seeking Marriage Therapy/relationship help. Therapy Now has helped countless relationships at many different stages (pre-marital, new co-parents, newlywed, early cohabiting, dating, divorce mediation, post divorce, etc). It is important to understand that Couple's Therapy is a valuable tool that can be used throughout the course of a relationship and not just when a relationship is in experiencing conflict. Many couple's will develop a myriad of different tools that they will use during their relationship to help each partner continue and strengthen the bond between one another. Couple's Counseling is not only one of those tools but also can be the single most valuable tool for a couples to solidify their relationship and ensure its success over the long haul.

So whether you have just decided to move your relationship from dating to "in a relationship" status or are experiencing the empty nest syndrome; Therapy Now can help you to strengthen your partnership permanently.  

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