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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Emergency Cleaning Services March 29, 2018

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Emergency Cleaning Services, St. Augustine, Florida

After a fire, flood, or other storm damage, the next task you’ll be faced with is how to get your property back to normal. With emergency cleaning services, you won’t be tasked with taking care of this disaster alone. Here’s why you should hire a team of residential or commercial restoration experts to help your property look like new again.

Why You Need to Hire Emergency Cleaning Services

1. Own the Right Tools

Do you know what cleaning solutions are best for smoke damage, or which equipment can siphon the water out of your furniture? An emergency cleaning services team does. When you hire these experts, you won’t need to worry about what products or equipment to buy. This saves you both money and time.

2. Prevent Future Mold Damage

emergency-cleaning-services-saint-augustine-flDid you know that mold spores can begin spreading in as little as 48 hours? Mold growth is a major risk in homes and businesses that have recently experienced a flood. These spores are known to cause allergy symptoms, as well as damage your property and belongings. Emergency cleaning services will begin tackling water damage right away, using the proper mold remediation techniques to keep growths at bay.

3. Assist With Insurance Claims

A reputable emergency cleaning service will have experience working with insurance companies. They can handle communications with your provider, including processing paperwork and overseeing your claim. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to begin getting your life back to normal.


In the aftermath of a storm, plumbing malfunction, or sewer breakage, the last thing you want to worry about is cleanup. Leave the hard work to SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach in Florida. This company specializes in cleanup and restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Call (904) 429-4457 today to schedule an appointment. For more information about their emergency cleaning services, visit them online.

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