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3 Tips for New Model Train Conductors March 29, 2018

Jacksonville, Pulaski
3 Tips for New Model Train Conductors , Jacksonville, Arkansas

Collecting and building model train sets is a great hobby for boys and girls of all ages. Not only is it fun and educational, but it is also an excellent way for the entire family to spend some time together. If you are new to the activity, below is some information to know before getting started. 

A Guide to Model Trains for Beginners 

1. Decide on a Setup Location

Model trains and sets come in a variety of sizes, so before picking one, determine where you plan on assembling it and the track. You can choose locations as small as a nightstand or as large as an outdoor garden. However, just remember if you plan on building a permanent setup, you need to pick a location that will let you expand and add model scenery as the hobby grows.

2. Choose a Scale

model trainNow that you know where to place your model train set, it’s time to select a scale. In the U.S., common train sets range in size from the Z scale at 1:220 ratio, the relative size to its real-world train equivalent, to the incredibly large and rugged G scale, which are almost ten times larger than the former. Other than where you plan to place the set, your experience level can also factor into which type is ideal. Usually, beginners are better off with a G, O, or N scale.

3. Pick Your Trains & Track

Finally, it’s time to pick the model train and track that best suits your above needs. While designs vary from one brand to the next, you can find practically every type of model from modern bullet trains all the way back to a 1900s steam engine in a variety of finishes. Also, depending on your chosen scale, you’ll have your choice of track manufacturers, styles, and power options.


Now that you know how to choose a model train, it’s time to get started on your hobby. At Rail & Sprue Hobbies in Jacksonville, AR, you can find trains from Z to G and track products to match. Stop by today to see their impressive selection or call (501) 982-6836 to have any of your questions answered. To learn more about this hobby shop, you can also visit their website and follow them on Facebook.