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3 Reasons to Begin Estate Planning April 9, 2018

Brattle, Arlington
3 Reasons to Begin Estate Planning, Arlington, Massachusetts

Estate planning gives you the opportunity to take care of your loved ones after you're gone and to establish how you will be remembered. Every adult should have some type of estate plan in place, no matter the number of assets an individual owns. Below are a few reasons to start your estate planning sooner rather than later.

Why Start Estate Planning?

1. Protect Your Legacy

As you work with an attorney, you will explore a variety of legal documents and arrangements that will safeguard the legacy you leave and the loved ones you choose to inherit. If you don't have a will in place, the state will determine who inherits your property, and the distribution of your estate could be far different than what you wanted.

2. Make Plans for Your Kids

estate planningIt's never easy to think about leaving your kids behind. But if you're a parent with minor children, your estate plans allow you to make provisions for them in the event of your death. You can decide their guardianship and make financial arrangements for their future. Consider it a way to leave lasting gifts to the children who mean the world to you.

3. Save Stress & Hassle Later

With the right estate planning documents, you are saving your heirs anxiety and hassle further down the road. You've already made all the major legal and financial decisions, which will take a significant burden off your loved ones during a difficult time. You can also include specific instructions for your funeral or burial, as well as save your friends and family the stress of making these plans.


To start the estate planning process, contact Gosselin & Kyriakidis, PC. Their attorneys serve Arlington, MA, in all aspects of estate planning, including wills and trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships. Call (781) 782-6000 or visit their website to learn more about their practice and set up a consultation today.

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