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Accomplished Family Lawyer Explains Child Custody Arrangements May 5, 2015

East Hamilton, Hamilton
Accomplished Family Lawyer Explains Child Custody Arrangements, Hamilton, Ohio

Unfortunately, couples who are undergoing a divorce or separation often cannot come to an agreement about dividing up their assets and responsibilities. One of the largest sources of conflict is, of course, custody of the children. In this case, a judge must usually get involved and issue a legal declaration of each parent's rights in regards to any children that resulted from their relationship. The accomplished divorce lawyer and family law attorney, Gerald Wirsch, at the Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch want to make sure you understand the importance of custody agreements and your range of legal options.

Parents most often file for custody when they are first getting divorced, but there are several other situations in which you may request changes to the custody arrangement. For example, if either parent is moving out of state or have experienced a sudden change of circumstances, a parent may wish the court to issue a revised decision based on the new situation.

Furthermore, a parent may decide to file for a change in status, for example from visitation rights to shared parenting. With visitation rights, the court orders that a parent be allowed to spend a specified amount of time with their child, while shared parenting divides a child's time between both new households and gives both parents custodial rights and decision making power while the parent has the child. In a full custody arrangement, the child typically, but not always, spends the majority of their time with one parent and that parent only has the custodial rights and decision making power.

A judge's decision depends on a variety of factors, influenced by a complex legal code. The best thing to do is hire an experienced family lawyer Gerald M. Wirsch. Read more about this legal professional online or call (513) 858-9281 to schedule a consultation today.

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