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Scam Alert: Fraudulent Calls From an Iowa Sheriff's Department March 28, 2018

Waterloo, Black Hawk
Scam Alert: Fraudulent Calls From an Iowa Sheriff's Department, Waterloo, Iowa

Across Iowa, people are falling victim to a highly convincing phone scam, in which a caller claiming to be from a county sheriff's office tries to convince them to hand over large sums of cash. Because these scam artists copy legitimate phone numbers, the call can seem very convincing, so much so that many people have handed over their life savings. If you’ve received a call from the sheriff’s department, it’s in your best interest to consult an attorney before taking any further action.

How the Phone Scam Works

attorneyIn its most common form, people receive a phone call from an actual sheriff’s department phone number, stating that there has been a warrant issued for your arrest. In most cases, they’ll claim that it is related to a failure to report for jury duty or some other charge and that the only way to avoid arrest is to pay a substantial fine. To make the call seem more legitimate, they may use an actual county employee’s name and provide a number for you to call and verify the warrant.

What to Do After Receiving a Suspicious Call

Iowa sheriff’s departments generally do not resolve warrants and other matters over the phone, so any call you receive is likely fraudulent. If you do get one, do not follow the instructions given, even if the individual makes the consequences seem severe. Instead, immediately report the matter to local law enforcement agencies, and speak to an experienced attorney who can ensure that your record is clear.


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