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Fitness Equipment Experts Reveal 3 Benefits of Foam Rollers Post-Workout March 29, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
Fitness Equipment Experts Reveal 3 Benefits of Foam Rollers Post-Workout, Covington, Kentucky

Recovering from an intense workout means muscles will be tense and sore. To help relieve the stress and pain, the team at Exercise & Leisure Equipment Co recommends using a foam roller after a workout session. Operating out of two locations in Cincinnati, OH, and Fort Mitchell, KY, they discuss the benefits this fitness equipment offers.

Why Foam Rollers Are Effective Fitness Equipment for Muscle Relief

1. Helps Muscles Recover Faster

Overworked muscles from a hardcore workout are likely to contract and become inflamed. Taking a break may help relieve soreness, but the lack of exercise affects muscle fluidity and flexibility. Foam rollers keep your body in motion and help loosen up tight and contracted tissues. Using these home gym accessories helps release tension and improves blood circulation around the sore spots. This ensures faster tissue repair and rebuilding, so you can keep up with your exercise regimen.

2. Prevents Muscle Adhesion

Fitness EquipmentFoam rollers are highly effective in preventing the formation of muscle adhesions and the discomfort associated with them. Adhesions are a likely consequence of overexerting your muscles to the point of causing an injury. They are formed as a natural reflex to prevent further damage, but end up restricting blood flow to the affected site. Foam rollers apply pressure at the right points to relieve adhesion knots and replenish the damaged muscles. Their rolling motion acts as a massage, allowing tight tissue layers to expand and get much-needed relief.

3. Ensures Post-Workout Relaxation

The ability to effectively address and reduce stress is another reason why the use of foam rollers is often compared to a massage. The physical relief you get from the self-conducted therapy may also be linked to lower mental stress levels. Research shows that releasing tension in connective tissues promotes higher cortisol production and helps you feel relaxed after a workout.

Any time you need foam rollers or any other fitness equipment, reach out to the experts at Exercise & Leisure Equipment Co. Housing a large inventory of home gym accessories at both of their locations, they can match you with the right products for your requirements. For further information, call (513) 531-7777 or visit their website.

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