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3 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit Before You Start Back to School Cleaning August 1, 2018

Groveton, Lee
3 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit Before You Start Back to School Cleaning, Lee, Virginia

Back to school is here again, and it is a great time of year to renew your home and refresh your surroundings. As you usher in the new season, it’s also a smart time to take stock of your belongings and determine what you need and what you can afford to do without, either permanently or for the coming months. If you plan to hold on to a few things but don’t need them right now, a storage unit may be the best complement to your spring cleaning session. Here are three ways it can help make your life simpler as you tidy up.

3 Ways a Storage Unit Can Benefit Back to School Cleaning

1. Hold Seasonal Items

storage unitNow that summer is coming to a close, you don’t need to worry about your pool or beach gear, or spring/summer decorations for several months. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep all of those seasonal items safe and clean. Pack up all of the party décor, bathinsuits, and seasonal accessories, and keep them in storage until you’re ready for them later in the year. That will free up some much-needed space at home and provide a cleaner outlook.

2. Maximize Personal Space

Maybe you’ve just moved in, or you’re about to move out. Or perhaps there’s an overabundance of clutter at home that you aren’t sure how to manage. Forget about making decisions right away. A storage unit provides you with all of the space you need to store even the largest items, such as furniture and home décor, which will help maximize your personal space. You can also use it to hold any items you may want to donate but haven’t decided on yet.

3. Maintain Winter Storage

With summer coming to a close and fall just beginning, you don’t really need to keep winter items around yet either. Whether it’s the kids’ outdoor sledding toys or a snowblower that’s taking up space in the garage, the storage unit is an excellent spot to temporarily place those items you’ll need in just a few months. Be sure to place these items towards the front so that you’ll have easy access to what you need.


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