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3 Compelling Reasons to Leave Electrical Repairs to the Professionals March 29, 2018

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3 Compelling Reasons to Leave Electrical Repairs to the Professionals, Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you're running a camp or a hotel, you rely on electricity every day. Without it, everything from outlets to CCTV become inoperable, putting you and your business at risk. It can be tempting to tackle electrical repairs on your own to restore services quickly, but doing so may result in serious harm. Below, you'll find three compelling reasons to leave repairs to the professionals.

3 Compelling Reasons to Leave Electrical Repairs to the Professionals

1. Risk of Electrocution

One of the greatest risks of attempting electrical work on your own is electrocution. Even something that seems straightforward, like CCTV, is accompanied by a complicated wiring system. The slip of a hand can easily cause a novice electrician to electrocute themselves, resulting in injury or even death. The surge of electricity that can occur after the repair is complete also puts employees and clients at risk.

2. Fire Potential

3 Compelling Reasons to Leave Electrical Repairs to the Professionals | ICE Services in Anchorage, AKDIY electrical repairs pose a significant fire hazard. If you're not a qualified electrician, you're likely to make mistakes during the repair process. When it comes to wiring, any mistake can result in a spark, which can quickly turn into a fire. The associated damages of an electrical fire far exceed that of hiring a professional to repair the issue in the first place.

3. Malfunctioning Systems

Even if you make it through an amateur electrical repair without electrocution or a fire, there's still a high likelihood your systems won't function correctly. If you rely on valuable security measures, like CCTV, to keep your property safe, a malfunction could put your whole camp at risk. Such a situation may even cause you to lose business by failing to meet client expectations.


When electrical issues arise at your camp, turn to the professionals at ICE Services in Anchorage, AK. Since 1986, these telecommunications specialists have tackled a wide range of maintenance and IT services. From CCTV installation to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work, find out how this team can improve your camp or hotel by calling (907) 644-0385. You can also learn more about their extensive list of services by visiting them online.

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