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The Top 3 Furniture Problems That Call for Repairs March 28, 2018

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The Top 3 Furniture Problems That Call for Repairs, Gulf Shores, Alabama

At some point, even your favorite piece of furniture is going to need to take a break for a little loving restoration. While you may be able to overlook light scratches and other surface-level issues, there are some that require more attention to detail. Here are a few of the most common situations that go beyond your average nicks and blemishes and call for full repairs.

Top 3 Situations That Require Furniture Repair

furniture1. Damaged or Missing Pieces

Regardless of the material in question, furniture with damaged or missing pieces isn't going to do you much good. If the item is made of wood, you're better off taking it in for the professional touch. Wood can be tricky to work with, and identifying the wood type, sanding, and matching colors are just a few of the many hurdles standing in the way of top-notch repair. 

2. Tears in Fabric

Even the smallest of fabric tears can make upholstered furniture look old and worn out. Unfortunately, sofas and chairs are prone to excessive use, so tears, snags, and pronounced marks are practically inevitable. Prompt repairs will make your piece look like new, though, so don't let your favorite pieces of living room furniture remain in tatters for long. 

3. Interior Cushion Repair

Repairing inner cushioning isn't as simple as replacing some missing stuffing. Depending on the level of damage, you will likely need to strip some of the old upholstery first. You'll then need to match the amount and consistency of the material within, whether you're dealing with simple foam and fiber or a unique filling material. No matter what type of inside cushion you have, you should make repairs a priority so you don't exacerbate the damage with further use. 

Some of these tasks are more manageable than others, but DIY isn't always going to cut it. Pieces of all shapes and sizes will greatly benefit from the professional touch, so contact a specialist next time you need top-notch furniture repairs.

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