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3 Dangers of a Leaky Roof April 4, 2018

Kew Gardens, Queens
3 Dangers of a Leaky Roof, Queens, New York

A leaky roof is not only a frustrating and unsightly problem, but it’s also a dangerous one, as it poses a safety risk to your home and family. According to JC Roofs & Siding in Queens, NY, not addressing the problem right away may save you money on costly roof repairs at the moment but could leave you facing major issues in the long run. Before putting off the problem, here are a few details to consider about issues resulting from a leaky roof. 

Problems Resulting From a Leaky Roof

1. Structural Damage

Roof RepairAs water seeps through the roof, it will soak the framing below the roof, eventually causing wood rot. When the wood rots, the walls may bow, and the framing will not support your home safely. The water will continue running down the walls, and puddling around the foundation of the house. The excess water around the foundation could cause cracks in the foundation wall, which could cause portions of the foundation to crumble. Addressing this roof repair quickly can prevent costly structural damage to your home.

2. Fire & Electrical Shock

Any electrical circuit in the path of the leak is a potential fire hazard. Attic fans and attic light fixtures are the first areas in danger. As the leak worsens, the water could make its way to the electrical outlets and junction boxes in the home. At this point, a fire could start, or someone could get shocked.

3. Health Issues

Rotted wood and insulation is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. The mold could make its way into the HVAC system and spread to the rest of the home through the vents. Once inside your home, it will grow on the wall, the ceiling, and any exposed wood. Mold can even cause health issues, particularly for those with allergies. The mold will continue to grow, even after fixing the leak, so you will have the added expense of cleaning the mold in addition to the roof repair.

Handling a leaky roof right away can keep your family safe and protect your home. If you need roof repair in the Queens, NY, area, let JC Roofs & Siding help. Their vast experience in roofing and siding means they can handle any roofing damage and restore your roof to like-new condition. To speak with someone directly, call (718) 261-1891, and visit them online for more information.