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How to Safely Transport Plants When You Move April 17, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
How to Safely Transport Plants When You Move, Ewa, Hawaii

With so much to consider in preparation for moving—enlisting a mover, accommodating your pets, forwarding your information—you may have forgotten all about your plants. However, plants are typically not allowed in moving trucks, so it’s up to you to safely move them. Learn how to prepare your greenery for the big move.

Moving? How to Take Your Plants With You

Know State Regulations

If you plan to transport your plants across state or country lines, you should first consult local laws and regulations. Many states, including Idaho, California, and Florida, regulate which types of plants can enter. Some states require certified plant inspections, and others require that plants be planted in fresh and sterile soil. Many countries have strict customs policies about plants as well. Do your research so you’ll know if your plant will even be allowed to move with you.

Safe Transportation

movingAs soon as you know which plants you can take with you, you want to prepare them for transportation. Since ceramic pots are liable to break, move your plants into plastic holsters a week or two before you depart. This will give your plants time to acclimate to the new environment, and the plastic cover will protect your other belongings.

Pack your plants in boxes and stuff newspaper or something similar around them so they don’t budge. Maintain a comfortable temperature in your vehicle and give your plants room to breathe. These precautions will ensure your plants survive the trip to their new home.


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