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What Is the Building Pad Process? March 30, 2018

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What Is the Building Pad Process?, Ashland, Missouri

One of the most important steps in erecting a home or any other type of structure is establishing the building pad. Crafted during the earthwork portion of the construction process, the building pad is integral to laying down a safe and stable foundation. For over 65 years, the site work contractors at C. L. Richardson Construction have served both residential and commercial clients throughout the Ashland, MO, area; here, they explain what you should know about building pads.

Soil Disparities

building padTo best understand building pads, it’s important to first understand the reason why they’re necessary—soil composition. Different locations—even those within the same region—can have vastly different soil types. Some, like gravel, are coarse and porous, while others, like clay, are fine and compressible. Whatever the soil type might be, the land needs to be prepared to accommodate the size, design, and weight of the proposed structure. This involves excavating, clearing, refilling, compacting, and grading the land. What remains as the final result is the building pad.


Crafting a building pad is a laborious process that must be carefully executed by professional contractors. For example, when refilling and compacting, it must be done in 6-inch increments, and special rollers are driven over the surface; using the tires of a bulldozer won’t suffice. Additionally, the building pad should extend at least 5 feet from the entire perimeter of the proposed property to facilitate drainage and prevent erosion. If any part of the operation is done incorrectly, the ground underneath the structure can settle and sink, leaving whatever is on top with substantial damages.

Whether it’s a residential home or a chicken coop, if you’re planning an upcoming project in the Ashland area that requires a building pad, contact C. L. Richardson Construction. Known for their experience and dedication, you can always expect high-quality work. Other than excavating, they’re also available for road, pond, and driveway construction. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (573) 657-9557 today.

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