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What Happens During Your Child's Annual Check-Up? March 29, 2018

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What Happens During Your Child's Annual Check-Up?, Grand Island, Nebraska

Annual physical exams are important for every person — but they are particularly critical for children. These yearly visits give doctors a chance to make sure your child is developing at a healthy rate and that any potential medical concerns are addressed early. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your child’s well-being.  But, when little ones appear healthy, Children & Adolescent Clinic PC says it’s common for parents to wonder what doctors are looking for during these appointments. To help answer this question, this children’s hospital of Hastings and Grand Island, NE, highlights a few key areas pediatricians examine.   

5 Things Pediatricians Check During an Annual Physicals

1. Vital Signs

At the beginning of the appointment, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and heart rate are checked to make sure all measurements fall within the appropriate range. This data helps provide an initial look at how organs are functioning and determine if there are any particular areas of concern that need further evaluation.

2. Child Development

Annual check-ups are also a time for pediatricians to evaluate the weight and height of your child. This information can be used to make sure little ones are growing at a steady rate for their age. Doctors will also review vaccination history to determine if they are due for any shots that could help prevent illness.

3. Heart & Lungs

pediatricianUsing a stethoscope, the children’s doctor will listen to the chest to assess heartbeat and breathing. In addition to assessing heart health, this listen-in can help identify potential respiratory problems, such as lung infections, asthma, or sinusitis.

4. Head & Neck

The doctor will evaluate several areas of the head and neck to check for swollen glands, sinus function, throat health, vision, and hearing. If there are any areas of concern, the pediatrician may ask for further tests to find out if your child has a condition that could benefit from treatment.

5. Abdomen

The doctor will perform a brief check of the abdomen, such as by tapping on or palpating the stomach area. This evaluation can detect potential blockages and problems with digestive health.

While infants require more frequent doctor’s visits, children can graduate to annual check-ups as soon as they turn three years old. If it’s time to schedule a yearly exam for your little one, bring them to the trusted team at Children & Adolescent Clinic PC. Staffed by trusted pediatricians, this health provider makes it possible for young patients to receive preventive and general care services in a comfortable, kid-friendly setting. You can learn more about their approach to care online or make an appointment by calling (402) 463-6828 to reach the Hastings, NE, clinic or (308) 675-3171 to speak with the Grand Island, NE, location.

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