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How to Build a Strong Accident Claim After a Rear-End Collision March 27, 2018

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How to Build a Strong Accident Claim After a Rear-End Collision, Dothan, Alabama

Every successful car accident claim comes down to liability and damages. Unfortunately, proving both elements after rear-end collisions poses certain challenges. Injured parties might assume fault is obvious, especially if they were following all traffic laws when the incident occurred, but strategic insurance adjusters may still dispute their policyholder’s liability. Proving damages can also be hard because rear-end impacts often happen at low speeds and do not leave many visible wounds. Below are some guidelines for building a strong claim under the circumstances.

Look for Witnesses

It would stand to reason that the motorist in the second car is at fault in a rear-end collision, but insurance adjusters are quick to point out there are many scenarios in which this is not the case. For example, if the driver in the first car realized they were about to miss a turn and stopped short seconds before the accident, they could be partially liable. Since the insurance company will do everything in their power to challenge their policyholder’s liability—and shift some or all the fault to you—it is wise to look for eyewitnesses at the scene who can provide testimony that backs your version of the events.

Seek Early Medical Intervention

rear-end collisionsRear-end crashes rarely result in the kinds of catastrophic injuries that occur in head-on collisions and T-bone accidents; however, that does not mean you don’t deserve compensation for the damages you did incur. By visiting a doctor right away, you will legitimize any harm in the eyes of the court while protecting your health at the same time. If you sustained internal injuries in the force of impact, for example, it might not look like you need emergency care, but complications could arise without immediate medical intervention.


If you want to file a personal injury claim following an auto accident, turn to Carey & Hamner, PC, in Dothan, AL. The compassionate lawyers at this firm value each case as if it were their own because they know just how much is as at stake for their clients. Visit the practice online to learn how they help area residents who were hurt in rear-end collisions, or call (855) 435-4797 to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney today. 

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