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4 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sugary Beverages March 27, 2018

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4 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sugary Beverages, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

No matter how healthy and clean your water delivery source is, its benefits will be lost by making overly sugary beverages with it. Thankfully, there are some simple tips you can follow to make your drink choices healthier. The next time you’re thirsty, keep these points in mind.

How to Make Healthier Drink Choices

1. Decrease Portion Size

Although portion size is commonly mentioned when speaking about food, keeping it in mind is important when it comes to beverages as well. Choosing an eight-ounce drink instead of a 20-ounce one will cut your caloric intake by almost 150 calories.

2. Cut Sports Drinks & Juice With Water

waterSports drinks are certainly a refreshing treat after a hard workout, but they often contain a lot of sugar. By pouring some of the beverage into a different bottle and cutting it with water, you’ll be reducing your sugar intake and extending the life span of the sports drink. Juice, a similarly sweet treat, benefits from the same strategy.

3. Start Small

If you’re used to the sweet relief of sugary drinks, attempting to completely cut the sweetness out cold turkey probably won’t work. Instead, try replacing a single sugary drink with water every week. Once you’ve established the habit with one, bump it up to two and go from there. You’ll be cutting a huge amount of sugar out of your diet in no time.

4. Add Your Own Flavors

Drinking water doesn’t have to be bland. Instead of turning to sweet beverages for a flavor kick, add your own fresh fruit or herbs for a more natural drink. Lemons, strawberries, watermelons, and mint are all delicious options that will have you wondering why you drank the sugary beverages in the first place.


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