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Call an Excavator for These 5 Home Projects March 26, 2018

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Call an Excavator for These 5 Home Projects, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

It’s not rare for a homeowner to ask themselves, what does an excavating company do? Excavating can be thought of an organized process of moving earth. If you’ve ever dug a hole in sand or soil, you know how easily holes can cave in. When we’re doing home remodeling or laying concrete, the integrity of the structure depends on the solidity of the hole we dig. Hence, excavating companies. Their organized process of measuring where to dig (or “excavate,”) excavating properly, and supporting the excavation makes them vital to almost any construction project. Here’s where they really shine.

5 Projects That Call for Local Excavation Contractors

1) New Home Builds

New homes need new foundations. Since the foundation gives a structure its integrity, precision is paramount. The process of laying a foundation involves thorough measurement of dimensions and depth, planning of support, and application of concrete.

2) Home Remodeling or Addition

Just like new home builds, any addons requiring the construction of more foundation should be handled by local excavation contractors.

3) Soil Cleanup

Excavation is used to remove contaminated soil. An excavator will test your soil for contaminants, and if any are found, will use their tools to remove it while causing minimal disturbance to the environment.

4) Pipe Installation & Repair

DiggingExcavating around pipes and lines requires caution — miscalculation may lead to costly pipe damage and contamination of the soil. Your local excavating company is best qualified to track where your pipes run, allowing them to safely access and dig around them.

5) Demolition

Many tools used for excavation can also be used in demolition. Specialized excavators are used to knock structures down with powerful hydraulic pressure.


What does an excavating company do? More than digging holes, that’s for sure — if you want something built or unearthed right in Northern Minnesota, talk to Up North Builders. With over 35 years’ experience, they handle every aspect of a project, from excavation to trim. Call them today at (218) 285-3635 or visit their website today.

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