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Amazing Ways to Make Over Your Home Interior This Spring! April 27, 2015

Woodbury, Orange
Amazing Ways to Make Over Your Home Interior This Spring! , Woodbury, New York

A stunning home interior is a true work of art. Allow your interior to reflect the seasons by filling it with light, fresh options this spring. In regards to interior design, the warm season is all about shedding the dark hues of winter in favor of lighter colors that reflect beauty and vitality.

The expert team at Margaret Brower Interiors in Central Valley, NY offer a wide variety of premier services designed to dramatically enhance the look and feel of your home, and are happy to assist you with any home decor project. Check out the staff’s best advice for changing interior spaces this season:

  • Colors: Infuse your home with gorgeous spring colors, such as pale pinks, yellows, purples, and blues. White, off-white, and assorted cream colors also work, as do lime or light greens. Think about existing color schemes in various rooms, and how you can incorporate spring tones for a lighter feel.
  • Windows: Forget the heavy drapes of winter and opt for light, breathable fabrics this spring. Talk to the Margaret Brower Interiors staff about custom window treatments, and swap thick drapes for linen curtains or attractive blinds with light-colored valances. Sheer window colored or textured sheers are another way to bring spring indoors.
  • Bedding: Switch comforters and hefty blankets for options featuring light colors and beautiful, seasonal patterns. Try geometric prints or anything else that reminds you of warm weather.
  • Furniture: Consider changing upholstery to match the season, or at least opt for lovely, light-colored covers that make rooms appear brighter.

In addition to making interior design changes, be sure to deal with any cluttered areas that interfere with your hassle-free warm weather lifestyle. The interior designers at Margaret Brower Interiors offer plenty of styles to choose from, including Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, and many more options ideal for spring. Discuss your home interior vision today by calling (845) 928-3018 or by visiting the website.

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