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3 Causes of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy December 13, 2019

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3 Causes of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy, Suffern, New York

Among pregnancy's many joys, numerous women also experience quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Back pain is just one likely effect of pregnancy, and treating it can be difficult for many expectant mothers. Determining why pain occurs is often the first step towards finding a solution, and the following can help you identify the underlying cause of your pain.

3 Reasons You May Experience Lower Back Pain During Your Pregnancy

1. Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy, certain hormones are produced to relax the pelvic area — to prepare for the eventual birth. For instance, pregnancy causes your ovaries to produce a hormone known as relaxin, which helps widen and soften the cervix. While this is beneficial when you’re giving birth, it can also decrease the stability of the tissues that support your spine.

2. Weight Gain

pregnancyFor many women, gaining between 25 and 35 pounds is considered healthy when they’re pregnant. While weight gain is important for sustaining your baby, it can wreak havoc on the state of your back. Your spine will bear the brunt of pregnancy-related weight gain, which can greatly increase aches and pains in that area.  

3. Difference in Posture

As your pregnancy progresses, your posture may change accordingly. This has to do with your center of gravity, which can be altered as your baby grows. In this case, it’s important to correct posture when sitting or standing, which may take some relief off your back. You may also consider spending more time resting if you’re close to the end of your pregnancy. Your doctor can provide instruction on how much physical activity is sufficient throughout each stage of your pregnancy.


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