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Top 5 Gender-Neutral Children’s Toys April 13, 2018

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Top 5 Gender-Neutral Children’s Toys, Mamaroneck, New York

Many people consider it a shame how gendered children's toys can be — that dolls, for example, are marketed almost exclusively to girls, featuring an excess of pink accessories. But, boys can love pink or play with dolls, just as girls can love blue or play with trucks. In other words, toys don’t have to be “for” girls or boys for fun to be had. If you agree and are interested in buying toys that don’t reinforce a gender, here are some excellent choices.

5 Fun Children’s Toys for All Genders

1. Science Experiments

Science is often marketed to boys, but it’s an activity anyone can enjoy. And, although more women are joining the STEM fields than ever before, there’s always room for improvement. Do your part in eliminating this misconception that girls aren’t suited for science by buying your child some fun science kits.

2. Instruments

childrens toysIf you want to nurture your child’s creative side, consider buying musical instruments for them to experiment with. Some fun — and resilient — options include toy xylophones, recorders, or melodicas. Some children may also enjoy the ukulele, as it’s smaller and easier to learn than guitar.

3. Construction Kits

It’s important for children to get comfortable with physical manipulation — or, to be handy, as it will help them become more self-sufficient. Some fun construction kits to consider include building blocks and molding clay.

4. Dolls

Whether they’re called “dolls” or “action figures,” toys that look like people are fun and appealing to all children, regardless of gender. They can act out stories with dolls, make friends with them, or come up with a completely unique way to play with them.

5. Children’s Books

A good story is not only entertaining but also educational. Plus, it can be healthy and mind-expanding for children to read about various protagonists; for example, characters they can strongly identify with, but also characters they don’t immediately share a connection with.


Children's toys are a key way to set the tone for how your kids will be raised and how learning will be encouraged in your home. If you need new toys and live in Westchester County, NY, stop by the Toy Box, a toy store that’s been operating in Mamaroneck, NY, for over four decades. As the largest toy store in the county, they have any toy you or your child can dream of. For questions, get in touch by calling (914) 698-7110. More information is also available online.

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