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Rush Plumber Explains How to Tell if You Need a Faucet Replacement March 28, 2018

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Rush Plumber Explains How to Tell if You Need a Faucet Replacement, Rush, New York

Though you likely rely on your faucets every day, you may not think about them very much. From cleaning dishes to washing your hands, these fixtures are a necessity for so many aspects of daily life. However, according to the experts at Miller Plumbing in Rush, NY, your faucets may begin to wear out over time and require replacement. To help you understand when it’s time to swap out these fixtures, these plumbers have created the following guide.

Expert Plumber’s Guide to Faucet Replacement

When You Need to Replace the Faucet

plumberTo start, keep your eyes peeled for various warning signs that indicate a need for replacement. For example, water leaking around the base of the handle usually requires a simple replacement of O-rings on the cartridge. However, when the internal components are so worn out that new parts won’t solve the problem, you’ll need an entirely new faucet.

Additionally, leaking and damaged knobs often indicate a need for replacement. Because the knobs are used whenever the faucet is turned on or off, they tend to become worn over time. Finally, if the fixture is loose on its base, and you can’t tighten it, you likely need a new one. 

Why Is This Important?

Over time, worn-out faucets can lead to serious issues like a persistent leak. This can cause mold growth or result in more extensive damage to your plumbing system. By replacing your faucet, you can avoid such issues and save on costly repairs.

If your faucet needs to be replaced, turn to the professionals at Miller Plumbing in Rush, NY. Having served the community for more than 45 years, these expert plumbers are always happy to provide honest advice and reliable results. To schedule an appointment, give them a call today at (585) 533-1404. You can also find more information about their services by visiting their website

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