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3 Signs Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring March 29, 2018

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3 Signs Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring, Dothan, Alabama

The functionality of your garage door depends on its springs. Set above the door’s opening, the springs are designed to help the door lift seamlessly, either by hand or using the garage door opener. Sometimes, the springs get older and affect the integrity of the door. Below are three ways to tell if there’s a problem.

3 Signs Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring

garage door1. You Hear Loud Noises

Many homeowners report a loud noise when the garage door spring first breaks. The problem isn’t always apparent, but if the noise resembles a clang or bang, contact a professional immediately. Most people won’t recognize the severity of the problem until they try to open the door and notice it won’t lift up.

2. The Door Slams Down

If the door feels particularly heavy when you attempt to lift it manually, there’s a high chance the spring is broken. The springs are designed to produce tension keeping the cables strong. If the spring breaks, the cables automatically loosen and won’t support the door, resulting in a heavy, malfunctioning door.

3.  It Barely Lifts Up

If you press the button on the garage door opener and nothing happens, or the door only lifts an inch or two off the ground, you can be fairly certain there’s a problem with the spring. If it lifts at all, you might notice it it’s slow to rise, moves in a hodgepodge fashion, or appears crooked. Sometimes, the culprit is a single spring, so if it lifts, it won’t look normal as it moves up.


Don’t attempt to handle a potential garage door problem yourself. The repair and maintenance experts at MP Garage Doors of Dothan, AL, are focused on providing quality service when your door needs attention. If you’re concerned about a broken garage door spring, contact the team to schedule an appointment. Visit the website or call them at (334) 793-2089.

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