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Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Structural Metal Buildings March 30, 2018

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Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Structural Metal Buildings, Wood, Missouri

Although buildings constructed of structural metal are designed to be durable and long-lasting, the material still needs regular upkeep to stay in top condition. From where you plant trees to how much snow the area receives, several factors can influence the quality of your metal-clad house or office building. Below are three maintenance tips to keep your investment intact.  

3 Tips to Prevent Damage to Structural Metal Buildings

1. Trim Branches Back From the Building

structural metalIf shrubs are planted near the building, trim back the vegetation so it doesn’t rest on the metal. Otherwise, sharp branches and jagged leaves could dent and scratch structural metal panels. If branches are left to brush against the roof, they could scrap away water-resistant coatings and additional sealants or dislodge fasteners holding the panels in place.  

2. Replace Rusted Fasteners 

Although structural metal is a non-porous material, excess moisture can wreak havoc on buildings. When exposed to water and oxygen, fasteners could start to rust and deteriorate–rendering them ineffective at holding panels together. To uphold the structural integrity of the building, replace rusted fasteners immediately. Temperature fluctuations can also loosen these parts, so use a screwdriver to secure them in place. 

3. Don’t Let Snow Accumulate on the Roof

Although snow should melt and drain away from a metal roof when the temperature rises, remove it manually if you are expecting a long cold spell. Otherwise, a buildup of snow could cause panels to dislodge under the heavy weight. The roof could be dangerous to walk on when wet, so wear slip-proof shoes to prevent accidents or enlist a professional roofer to help. 


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