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4 Lawn Care Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Warmer Weather March 27, 2018

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4 Lawn Care Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Warmer Weather, Enterprise, Alabama

After a long winter, the promise of warmer weather is something everyone looks forward to. Spring is just around the corner, and before you know it, your garden and lawn will be blooming with new growth. However, before the growing season begins, you’ll want to help set your landscaping up for success. Here are a few simple lawn care tips to help you get the landscaping ready for spring and summer.

4 Springtime Lawn Care Tips

1. Remove Downed & Fallen Limbs

Winter conditions can take a toll on trees and shrubs, causing limbs to break and fall throughout the season. Rather than leaving them where they fell, clear them away. Remove small sticks and limbs by hand and bag them up for the garbage truck to haul away. If you have larger limbs on the property, call a professional for removal. They’ll get rid of even the largest limbs without damaging your lawn.

2. Rake Away Leaves & Debris

Though fallen leaves can help replenish the nutrients in the soil, you don’t want to leave a thick layer on top of the lawn just as growing season kicks into high gear. Instead, gently rake the debris away. This will help you see which parts of the yard need lawn maintenance and reseeding.

3. Get Started on Weed Control

Lawn CareWeeds often come in before the grass and flowers start to grow. As soon as you notice weeds in the yard, start a weed control regimen. Carefully pull them up before the root systems fully develop, or schedule a lawn care appointment with a landscaping team. They’ll accurately spread weed deterrents that won’t damage the grass or your flowers.

4. Schedule a Lawn Care Appointment

Taking care of your lawn takes a lot of time and energy. If you’re busy with an active schedule, finding the time to get the lawn ready for spring can be almost impossible. Instead of letting it slide, schedule a lawn maintenance appointment with a trusted landscaping team. Not only will the lawn be fully prepared for the growing season, but you’ll save yourself the stress of taking care of all those necessary tasks.


If you’re looking for an experienced lawn care company to help get your yard ready for spring, contact Lucky Lawn Service in Enterprise, AL. Their dedicated staff will set your yard up for a successful growing season, so you can enjoy it all summer long. Learn more about their services online, and call (334) 347-8873 to schedule a free lawn analysis today.

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