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Automotive Supply Experts Highlight 3 Signs of a Cracked Oil Pan March 26, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
Automotive Supply Experts Highlight 3 Signs of a Cracked Oil Pan, Hilo, Hawaii

Oil pans protect an essential component of your vehicle, so it's your job to protect them in turn. These metal covers, which are bolted directly beneath the crankshaft, collect oil after it makes its way through the engine. Once you start the car, the oil pump takes the oil and sends it through the engine and filter to lubricate key components. If the pan is cracked, however, automotive supplies experts say the vehicle will end up leaking oil and facing potential overheating issues, so it's important to keep an eye out for all the associated warning signs. 

Top 3 Signs Your Oil Pan Is Cracked

1. Oil Under Your Vehicle

automotive suppliesAs long as the surface beneath your vehicle is level and clean, you'll be able to tell when you have a leak. Place a piece of cardboard under the car for even easier detection, and take note of any fluid, which can range from light brown to black in color. If you're still unsure, it's best to have an automotive supply professional inspect anything suspicious. 

2. Oil-Soaked Undercarriage

Even if there's no oil on the ground, an inspection of your engine bottom may reveal a partially or completely soaked undercarriage. This area should be fairly clean in normal conditions, but a cracked pan can lead to the components behind the engine being covered in oil. 

3. Excessive Oil Loss

There's nothing worse than replenishing your oil and other fluids only to find them being depleted at a rapid pace. It's not that you're burning through more oil than usual, though. If you monitor the levels on a consistent basis and take note of any excessive loss, you're likely dealing with a cracked pan and a subtle but steady leak. Don't wait until an alarm is triggered; visit a specialist as soon as possible.


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