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3 Spring Boiler Maintenance Tasks a Professional Should Do April 6, 2018

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3 Spring Boiler Maintenance Tasks a Professional Should Do, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Now that the frigid winter weather is starting to give way to the warmer temperatures of spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare your heating system for the off season. By scheduling a maintenance appointment for your boiler with a professional HVAC contractor, you will keep it running efficiently. Here are just a few of the necessary spring maintenance tasks.

Spring Boiler Maintenance

1. Cleaning

As your boiler runs, it builds up rust and other debris. When these materials accumulate too much, they will start to have detrimental effects on the system’s performance. An HVAC contractor will flush the boiler to remove any buildup that has gathered throughout the year, allowing for a fresh start when the system needs to fire up again in the fall.

2. Circulation Pump Lubrication

boilerThe circulation pump moves water throughout the entire system. If it isn’t functioning properly, your home won’t be heated as efficiently. By lubricating the circulation pump annually, your boiler will always move hot water as efficiently as possible.

3. Part Replacement & Settings Optimization

A boiler is a complex system of parts, all of which can experience wear and tear or even fail. During a spring maintenance appointment, an HVAC contractor will check all the valves and gaskets and make any necessary replacements. This will ensure your boiler will be ready to work again in the fall without potential mechanical errors from broken elements.

An HVAC contractor will also set your boiler to run as efficiently as possible. Some cycle through on and off sequences rapidly, causing wear and tear and uncomfortable cold spots in the home. Through some tweaks, the system will fire up to full blast and then maintain a flame to make slight adjustments to the temperature. This is more efficient and creates even warmth.


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