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Everything You Need to Know About How Copper Sinks Change Over Time April 11, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About How Copper Sinks Change Over Time, ,

Copper sinks offer kitchens and bathrooms an elegant look that works for both rustic and modern décor. Like other sink materials, copper shows wear over time, but the way it wears and its integrity are quite unique. Below is an explanation of what to expect when you have this type of amenity in your home.

Normal Wear

Many people know that over time, copper turns green, and some fear that their copper sinks will go from a rich, metallic tone to a dull, mossy color. This is due to the metal creating its own protective layer called patina. Patina moves through different colors as the copper is exposed to outside elements through the years. First, it will appear brown, followed by black, with the last stage being patina green.

For indoor copper sinks, however, the final green hue is not an issue. Instead, you may see light and dark spots that develop with use and exposure to cleaners, food, and inside environmental factors. Because of copper’s special properties, these discolored areas also change from light to dark and dark to light, giving your sink a “living” quality that eventually balances out its hue.

copper sinksCopper sinks are durable and even if scratched, the color change will dissipate after some time. It can right itself after being exposed to acidic foods and drinks, as well as harsh cleaners, making it resilient against extreme use and products. This self-healing quality and variations in color make this a top choice for those seeking a rustic sink style for their home.

Best Care

Because copper eventually repairs itself, there is little required to keep it in great shape. Regular soap and water are all you need for cleaning, and using a mild cleanser such as this will help the metal fix blemishes more quickly.

Avoid adding protective coats before the copper has time to create a new patina to fix dings and imperfections. A light sanding with wet sand paper and a wet sink surface will remove the top layer and give the patina a chance to even out in color. Once the color is set and the sink is dry, you can add a wax layer to seal it.


With an extensive inventory of sinks, hardware, faucets, and more for kitchens and bathrooms, Rustic Sinks is the top purveyor of everything you need to complete your décor. Based in Hunt, TX, the online store offers their top-quality products nationwide, making it easy to find the perfect copper sink, farmhouse sink, or clawfoot tub for your space. Shop online or call (855) 553-7305 to speak with a customer service representative today.

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