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How to Get Low Auto Insurance Rates for a Teen Driver March 26, 2018

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How to Get Low Auto Insurance Rates for a Teen Driver, Watertown, Connecticut

If you are raising a teenager, an upcoming 16th birthday can be a significant source of stress and excitement. If your teen will be driving, it’s imperative they are placed on your auto insurance policy. While you might be concerned your overall rates will skyrocket, there are ways to keep costs down when adding a young driver to your policy. Kalita Agency in Watertown, Connecticut, has been providing quality insurance products to their clients for years. Below, their professionals explain how to get the best rates for your teen driver. 

Low-Cost Ways to Add Your Teen Driver to Your Auto Insurance Policy

The Car They Drive

As with adult drivers, insurance companies will consider the type of car your teen uses. Opt for a sensible and safe car if you are adding another vehicle to your policy. Sporty cars are usually more expensive to insure. Since your teen doesn’t have a previous driving record, this factor can heavily influence their coverage amount.

Their Grades

If auto insuranceyour teen has impeccable grades, you may be eligible for a discount. Insurance companies tend to offer lower rates to students with solid academic records, as well as any advanced degrees. Mention this to your agent, and encourage your teen to maintain their grades.

How They Drive

Insurance providers look at previous driving history to determine a driver’s rates. That’s why it’s important for your teen driver to start off on the right foot. They can establish a lifetime of good driving habits and affordable insurance rates if they start and maintain a solid record. Inform them of this, as well as how previous claims or accidents will follow them around. 

Whether you’re looking for affordable insurance for your teen or more cost-effective coverage in general, speak with a professional at an insurance agency. The qualified staff at Kalita Agency will find you the ideal auto insurance policy at the most affordable rate. Call them today at (860) 274-8882 or visit their website for more information. 

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