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What Eye Care Specialists Want You to Know About Eyelift Surgery March 23, 2018

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What Eye Care Specialists Want You to Know About Eyelift Surgery, Symmes, Ohio

If you are self-conscious about signs of aging around your eyes, consider an eye care treatment called a blepharoplasty. This procedure, which is performed at your optometrist’s office, corrects puffy under-eye bags and eliminates sagging of the upper eyelids. Learn more from eye doctors about what to expect from the process. 

Eye Care 101: Eyelift Procedures


Many patients are excellent candidates for this minimally invasive treatment. However, some medical conditions increase your surgical risk. These include having dry eye condition, glaucoma, diabetes, thyroid disease, or cardiovascular disease. eye care

Potential complications after the surgery include dry eyes, temporarily blurred vision, skin discoloration, and infection. Other possibilities include excessive tearing, injury, scarring, and difficulty closing the eyes. In addition, there is always some risk when you’re given anesthesia.

In some cases, you may need a follow-up surgery. Consult with your eye care specialist about your unique situation, and tell them if you have any of the above conditions. They will evaluate your health and medical history carefully to determine if you can have an eyelift procedure. 


Once the treatment is complete, you may experience some discomfort and swelling. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions carefully during recovery. They may ask you to try not to blink excessively or make movements that strain the eyes.

You can relieve soreness by taking the medication your physician prescribes. Applying cold compresses and ice pads will help minimize inflammation. While the recovery is short, the procedure will provide lasting, youthful skin. 


The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons reports a blepharoplasty typically costs around $3,000. However, this price may vary depending on your provider and specific condition. Talk to your insurance company and eye care team to determine if coverage or payment plans are available. 


Whether you have under-eye bags or drooping lids, a minor cosmetic procedure will remove years of age from your face. Harper’s Point Eye Associates is skilled in these types of treatments and will help you evaluate your needs. To make an appointment with an eye care professional, call their Cornell Rd. location in Cincinnati, OH, at (513) 530-0440 or their Kemper Meadow Dr. office in Cincinnati at (513) 851-2414. For information about their doctors and services, visit their website

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