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4 Interior Painting Tips to Touch Up Walls for Spring April 3, 2018

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4 Interior Painting Tips to Touch Up Walls for Spring, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

If you’ve lined up home improvement projects for spring, addressing a damaged indoor wall is a good place to start. Even a small scrape or dent can scratch the paint and affect the decor. The good news is that all you need are minor touch-ups to restore the paint to its original glory. Simply follow these interior painting tips to ensure proper repairs for the impacted wall.

How to Touch Up Walls With Interior Painting

1. Prep the Wall

Start by cleaning the area surrounding the damaged spot with a damp sponge and light soap. This is necessary to clear away dust particles, which can hinder smooth paint application. Once the site is tidied up, soak up excess moisture with a clean and absorbent cloth.

2. Cover Up the Damage

Interior PaintingBefore applying paint, fill the crack to attain a smooth surface. To save time and effort, use a pre-made spackling product and push it in until the hole is completely filled. Level and remove excess spackling product before it dries up. Even out any rough bumps or edges with fine-grit sandpaper as the final prep step.

3. Apply a Primer

For optimum, long-lasting results, apply a coat of primer before you begin painting the spot. Priming helps the paint adhere to the wall and extends its life. Additionally, a layer of primer may also be necessary to allow the repaired spot to blend in with the rest of the wall.

4. Use the Right Color

The whole effort will come together when you finally paint over the restored site. Make sure the color you use is an exact match for the original shade on the wall. For a small area, a coat or two from a leftover can should be enough to complete the restoration process.


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