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A Safety Guide to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents March 27, 2018

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A Safety Guide to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents , Groton, Connecticut

Most motorcyclists understand the inherent dangers of riding but believe the thrill is worth the risk. If you’re one of the many riders out there who enjoy experiencing the freedom of the open road from the back of a bike, it’s important that you do what you can to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Many motorcycle accidents are preventable when the right safety measures are put into practice. Even in situations where a wreck is unavoidable, precautions can reduce the severity of injuries.

What You Can Do to Lower the Risk of Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries

Wear the Appropriate Gear

Maintaining your safety on a motorcycle ride starts with putting on the right gear for your journey. No matter how far you plan to go, it’s essential to always wear a DOT-compliant helmet, protective clothing, and eye protection. They will guard your body if you hit the asphalt at high speed.

motorcycle accidentsThoroughly Check & Maintain Your Bike

Before heading out, it’s also vital that you check your bike to ensure it’s in good condition. Faulty or deteriorating parts are a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Ensure all fluids are at an appropriate level, the brakes and lights are working, and the tires are properly inflated.

Ride Responsibly

One of the most effective things you can do to preserve your safety is practice responsible riding. This means being alert and prepared to act at all times, avoiding distractions, using your turn signals when changing lanes and merging, and keeping a safe distance from vehicles ahead of and beside you.


Regardless of how cautious you may be, there is always the possibility of a collision. In the event this occurs, it’s crucial that you seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. When it comes to pursuing compensation for losses sustained in a motorcycle accident, the residents of Groton, CT, rely on Mark O. Grater Attorney at Law to provide them with unparalleled legal representation. He has worked on numerous personal injury cases over the last three decades, establishing a track record of success for helping clients recover the damages they deserve. Contact his office at (860) 449-8059 or visit him online to learn more. 

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