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Does Your Child Need Help With Math? Here's How You Can Help March 23, 2018

Lorton, Fairfax County
Does Your Child Need Help With Math? Here's How You Can Help, Lorton, Virginia

Math is a challenging subject for some children, but providing them help with math is an excellent way to reinforce what they’ve learned in the classroom. The facts collected below will tighten up any learning gaps they might have, as well as grant you the opportunity to become more active in your child’s academic life. Here’s a closer look at how you can help. 

3 Ways Parents Can Provide Help With Math 

1. Practice Makes Perfect 

Math is founded on specific rules and principles, and going over them regularly with your child will make these guidelines easier to recall. Have your child practice the basic rules of geometry or algebra by reciting them to you. If they’re unable to remember them distinctly, have your student research them. 

2. Answers Need Explaining

help with mathEven a single math problem can require multiple computation skills and rules, so having your child describe how they solve particular problems can benefit their learning process. Plus, it will help you catch any computational mistakes that may have affected their answer. Doing so will also prepare them for standardized tests down the road, which often require students to explain their work.

3. Time Is Essential 

Stressing the importance of taking one’s time when solving math problems is essential. Have your child spend a minute or two thinking about a particular math problem before they pick up the pencil or calculator. This will help minimize thoughtless errors or mistakes caused by rushing ahead.


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