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FAQs About Water Treatment & Well Testing in Oregon March 22, 2018

Scappoose, Columbia
FAQs About Water Treatment & Well Testing in Oregon , Scappoose, Oregon

For those not located near a local water treatment system, implementing a program of periodic testing is important to ensure your home’s water is safe to use. Well testing can be somewhat complicated, so it’s beneficial for well owners to be aware of some of the local requirements, which have been compiled below. If you rely on a water well for your daily water intake, the following questions are a few of the most common that local authorities receive regarding well testing. 

FAQs Regarding Water Treatment & Well Testing in Oregon 

What Is Well Testing & Why Is It Necessary? 

Domestic well testing is the process of testing well water for contaminants, such as nitrates, arsenic, and bacteria like E. coli. This protects you and your family from drinking unclean water, and it is a legal requirement for those with private water wells in the state of Oregon. Experts recommend performing such testing at least once a year. 

Do I Need to Report the Results? 

If you’re simply testing your well water for personal purposes, you’re not required to report the findings to local water authorities. But if you’re selling your property, you’re required to report the results to the state, as well as the potential homebuyer, within 90 days of having it completed. 

What If My Well Is Contaminated? 

water treatmentIf your well water has been found to be contaminated, it’s important you contact local treatment officials and report it ASAP. Local authorities will have resources at their disposal to help you take the proper steps to treat it. You can visit the Oregon Health Authority’s website for more information. 

How Do Contaminants Get Into My Water Well? 

Contaminants like arsenic, cadmium, and nitrates may already be naturally occurring in your well water; these are often only harmful when they’re highly concentrated. Contaminants can also find their way into your local water table through sewer leaks or runoff, damaged septic systems, and storm drain runoff. 


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