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Top 3 Pillows for Different Sleep Positions March 28, 2018

Mason, Warren
Top 3 Pillows for Different Sleep Positions, Mason, Ohio

If poor sleep is an increasing problem, the issue might be your pillow. Today’s pillows are designed exclusively for sleep positions to maximize comfort and promote healthy airflow. The bedding experts at DOWNLITE provide customers nationwide with a comprehensive range of pillow types ideal for every position. Below are a few so you can determine which one is right for you. 

A Guide to Pillows & the Sleep Positions They Complement 

1. Soft

pillowsIf you sleep on your stomach, a soft option such as the Extra Soft Down Pillow or Soft EnviroLoft Pillow is best. Firm options offer too much support, resulting in a bent neck throughout the night and soreness in the morning. Soft, thin selections provide the right amount of support and airflow without causing neck extension issues. Water and contour pillows are not recommended since they are not flat enough.

2. Medium

Medium soft and medium firm pillows are ideal if you mainly sleep on your back, They provide extra support to prevent sleep apnea or snoring. Overly stiff models and those too high off the mattress cause excess neck flexing, resulting in pain and stiffness. The best options feature deeper areas for your head and a roll-shaped section at the bottom for neck support. The Medium EnviroLoft Pillow is a great choice for back sleepers who sometimes sleep on their sides, while the Firm EnviroLoft model helps those who desire more support.

3. Medium Firm or Firm

Sleeping on your side requires more reinforcement than sleeping on your stomach or back to again prevent a stiff neck. According to Consumer Reports, a pillow no more than 4 inches off the mattress is the most comfortable for side sleepers because it prevents head and neck misalignment issues. Your neck maintains its natural curve with options such as the Medium EnviroLoft Pillow. If you require additional support, try the firm White Goose Down Hotel Pillow.

If you are a “combination sleeper,” meaning you change positions several times throughout the night, the DOWNLITE team recommends pillows with both firm and soft sections. The online superstore has everything you need for a quality night of rest, including down comforters, pillows, and mattress pads. Call (866) 931-3696 with any questions or visit the online store to view their inventory. Like the Facebook page for the latest deals and sales.

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