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When Is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil? April 24, 2018

Wilton, Fairfield County
When Is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?, Wilton, Connecticut

Like most commodities, the cost of heating oil can rise and fall in response to changes in supply and demand. So, when is the best time to make a purchase? 

Everything You Need to Know About Heating Oil Prices


Just like the stock market, it can be hard to predict the way heating oil prices will shift. As such, it’s important to understand that every year—and every quarter—can be vastly different from the last. Certain factors, such as global conflict or natural disasters, can also cause prices to rise even during times when rates are typically low.  Fortunately, consumers who stay aware of the changes in the heating oil market can use their knowledge to make informed decisions based on historical price patterns.


heating oilHeating oil typically follows specific price patterns that coincide with the corresponding season. For example, when the temperature drops in the winter, the demand for home heating is high. As a result, heating oil prices start to climb near the end of the fall. Conversely, fewer people use their heating systems during the spring and summer, which can lead to a surplus in fuel and cause rates to drop. 

Fixed, PreBuy & Variable Pricing

Servco Oil & Propane offers different pricing for their automatic oil delivery customers.  Lock in where your price is fixed and won’t go up or down but remains constant.  PreBuy your fuel for the season at a lower price by paying up front.  Variable rate goes up and down as the market does. 


Servco offers prompt pay discounts of up to $ .15 per gallon!!

Arranging your fuel purchase an entire season before you need it may not always be convenient. As an alternative, pay attention to shifts in the fuel markets. 

In addition to properly timing your purchases, you can save on utilities by ordering your fuel from the most trusted supplier in Wilton, CT: Servco Oil & Propane. Since 1962, this heating service has been committed to offering fuel at the lowest possible rates.  Visit them online for more information on their offerings, and call (203) 762-7994 to schedule a convenient fuel delivery today.   

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