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3 Things You Should Know About Brake Repairs & Replacements March 22, 2018

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3 Things You Should Know About Brake Repairs & Replacements, Meriden, Connecticut

As one of the most important vehicle systems when it comes to safety and control, your brakes are worthy of proper maintenance and prompt attention. Luckily for drivers, the signs that brakes require attention are extremely obvious—so there’s no excuse not to know when to make an appointment at Safe Auto Service. Handling brake repairs and replacements, as well as other services, the Meriden, CT-based auto repair shop has put together these three things everyone should know about their brakes.

Brake Fluid Requires Changing Every Two Years

Brake fluid is designed to facilitate the movement of your braking system components, and because of the high amounts of friction it’s exposed to, it can get extremely hot. One of the drawbacks of brake fluid, however, is that it attracts water. When it does become compromised, the fluid heats up much faster than normal, which can make it harder to stop when you’re hauling heavy loads or driving downhill.

Brake Squealing Is Annoying on Purpose

brake repair and replacementMost drivers are familiar with the high-pitched screech of old brakes, and how obnoxious they can be. They’re actually designed to be that way on purpose to give you extra incentive to inquire about brake repairs and replacements. You’ll know that it’s already been too long if that squeal gets replaced by the sound of the calipers grinding directly against the rotor—a much louder noise, the cause of which could lead to more extensive brake damage.

Brake Pads Require a Replacement Every 50,000 Miles

The purpose of your brake pads is to apply pressure to your rotors whenever you stop, saving your calipers. But since that puts the pads under a lot of friction, it can wear them away quickly. When your brakes start squealing, they most likely just need these pads replaced. A replacement is generally recommended every 50,000 miles, but this can vary drastically; it depends on the type of driving you do, how much you haul, and other factors—making that high-pitched noise a helpful indicator.

Is it time for brake servicing? Or, do you just need a tuneup? If you live or commute near Wallingford, Middletown, Cheshire, Middlefield, Berlin, Southington, or Durham, CT, make an appointment at Safe Auto Service. Under the ownership of Ken Gagne, and serving the area for well over three decades, the local auto shop provides quality brake repairs and replacements and takes pride in their integrity. Call (203) 237-4311 to get in touch or go online for more details.

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