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4 Appetizers to Enjoy Before Your Pizza March 28, 2018

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4 Appetizers to Enjoy Before Your Pizza, West Haven, Connecticut

Pizza is an entree that is best enjoyed when shared with friends. Sometimes, however, splitting a pie leaves you wishing for a little more. The appetizers served at Bella Villa Pizza & Restaurant in West Haven, CT, will leave everyone at the table feeling full and satisfied. No matter what your preferences, the Italian restaurant has several starters that perfectly complement their pizza. The following are a few of their favorite menu items.

4 Appetizers to Enjoy With Pizza

1. Fried Ravioli

A delicacy that originated in the United States, fried ravioli is both filling and delicious. A tender, al dente ravioli is lightly breaded and then gently placed in bubbling oil. The result is a mouth-watering appetizer that is served golden brown on the outside and filled with warm, melted cheese.

2. Loaded Fries

Although french fries may not be the first dish you think of when dining at an Italian restaurant, they make the perfect first course for pizza. Get them loaded with bacon, cheese, and pepperoni, and everyone at the table will be fighting over the last bites as the main course arrives.

3. Cheese Jalapeños

PizzaWhen you’re in the mood for something with a little kick, jalapeño poppers are perfect. The process of removing the seeds and adding cheese tones down the spice a bit, but you’ll still enjoy a little bit of heat before your dinner.

4. Chicken Fingers

For some added protein, order a basket of chicken fingers to eat before your pizza. Marinated with seasoning, lightly breaded, then fried, these menu items are a favorite go-to for adults and children alike.

The next time you go out to enjoy pizza with friends and family, enhance your meal with one of these delicious appetizers. Bella Villa Pizza & Restaurant in West Haven offers a wide array of starters, salads, seafood, and entrees. The Italian restaurant serves a dish for every appetite. To browse their menu, visit their website, or call (203) 934-5577 for more information.

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