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5 Spring Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete March 29, 2018

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5 Spring Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete, 1, Tennessee

While deep cleaning your house is an excellent way to usher in the warmer weather, it’s not the only task to prepare your home for the summer. Spring is the perfect time to take care of basic home maintenance, so you can enjoy your space while minimizing the chances of a loss resulting in filing a home insurance claim. 

Tackle These 5 Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

1. Caulk Around Windows & Doors

As temperatures warm up, you’ll rely on your home’s HVAC system to keep the space comfortable. Before cranking the air, inspect caulk around the doors and windows. If the caulk has deteriorated, scrape it away and re-caulk to keep the cool air in and damaging water out. While you’re inspecting the windows, check for possible insect damage as well. If anything looks out of the ordinary, repair it or call a contractor to fix the issues.

2. Clear Gutters & Downspouts

Home InsuranceAfter a long winter, the gutter system will have a buildup of leaves, twigs, and debris that may clog the downspout. While clogged gutters may not seem like a severe problem, they can lead to roof and siding leaks that may damage the interior walls. This damage can increase the risk of mold and mildew, which is excluded in most insurance policies. By cleaning the gutters before spring’s rainy season begins, you’ll reduce the risk of damage and unnecessary home insurance claims.

3. Clean the Siding

Maintain your vinyl or wood siding by cleaning it once a year. If you have wood siding, check if it’s time to scrape away old and peeling paint and apply a fresh coat. Cleaning the siding will keep mold from growing, and that fresh coat of paint will reduce damage to wood siding.

4. Check Decks & Railings

Loose railings and weak decking or steps can lead to serious injury. Reduce your chance of a liability claim by ensuring the railings are secure and rotten wood decking and steps are replaced.

5. Inspect the Foundation

Freezing and thawing can do significant damage to your foundation, causing problems to the rest of your home. Check for signs of cracking or heaving. Repair minor cracks, but if there are significant issues, contact a foundation professional immediately.

By following these suggestions, you can avoid damages that could result in a large insurance claim. For more information on protecting your property, get in touch with the team at Farmers Mutual of Tennessee. Since 1913, they have provided quality insurance coverage at an affordable price to residents throughout the state of Tennessee. Their local independent agent will be happy to help you find the right coverage for your home, mobile home, rental dwelling, or farm at a price that suits your budget. Give Farmers Mutual of Tennessee a call today at (800) 824-9555, and visit them online for more information.

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