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3 Social Benefits of After School Programs March 29, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Social Benefits of After School Programs, Brooklyn, New York

It's common knowledge that after-school programs will help enhance a student's learning capabilities and better support them on their educational journeys. But these programs offer benefits that go beyond the classroom—benefits that can have a positive impact on children’s social and personal lives. Below, a few of these advantages are discussed in more detail.

3 Reasons After-School Programs Are So Advantageous

1. Build Interpersonal Skills

Education isn't just about preparing kids for academic advancement. It's also about helping them navigate, connect, and interact with the world around them in meaningful ways. Making friends and working with new groups of people will enhance a child’s interpersonal skills. Away from the confines of a traditional classroom, after-school programs allow children to relate to one another outside of school, encouraging them to build skills and relationships that will serve them well not just in class, but in life.

2. Improve Communication

after school programsThe lessons taught in an after-school program are not limited by the parameters of school curriculums and standards. Because there is more freedom for information to be presented in new and exciting ways, students learn to communicate with their peers and instructors in different manners. A fresh presentation of a topic will stimulate a child’s mind, foster active listening, and generate discussion, which are all vital aspects of improving communication. The environment of an after-school program is also focused on the unique needs of each student, which means kids have more opportunities to ask questions and work through solutions.

3. Develop Conflict Resolution Abilities

Children will learn from an early age that life is filled with conflicts both large and small. The sooner they learn to handle conflict effectively, the better equipped they will be to meet the rigors of the everyday world. At an after-school program, your child will explore subjects that interest and challenge them, inspiring them to find resolutions to problems. They will work with fellow students to come up with answers to various problems and issues discussed in the class materials, and they will discover the joys of collaborative learning in the process.


If you live in Brooklyn, NY, trust your child's education to FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center. They offer a variety of after-school programs, STEM classes, tutoring, and more. Give them a call today at (347) 987-4450 to discuss your needs, and visit their website for more information on their services.

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