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3 Reasons to Visit the Veterinarian for Bird & Exotic Pet Care March 23, 2018

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3 Reasons to Visit the Veterinarian for Bird & Exotic Pet Care, East Buffalo, Pennsylvania

Animal companions aren’t limited to dogs and cats—from iguanas to chinchillas or parrots and everything in between, a wide range of animals can become loyal pets. But as with our canine and feline friends, proper exotic pet care includes seeing a veterinarian regularly. Here, the experienced staff at Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital in Lewisburg, PA, provides the top reasons to schedule a checkup at your local veterinary clinic today.

3 Reasons to See a Veterinarian for Bird & Exotic Pet Care

1. Pet Vaccinations

Exotic pets often have no natural immunity to local diseases, so vaccinations are especially important for these animals. Birds, in particular, are susceptible to serious viral infections (such as polyomavirus) that spread easily among species, such as parrots, lovebirds, and parakeets. You should visit your veterinary clinic as soon as possible after acquiring your new pet to make sure they are fully vaccinated.

2. Nutrition & Care Advice 

exotic pet careBird and exotic pet care is not the same as the care you give a dog or a cat. Different species have particular nutrition needs. To stay healthy, they must follow a strict diet, and your veterinarian can recommend the right foods. Additionally, vets can help you understand what’s normal or abnormal behavior in your new pet, helps you detect signs of illness earlier.

3. Establish a Relationship With a Veterinarian

Regular visits to your clinic with your exotic pet or bird helps your veterinarian get to know your companion and establish a baseline for their health state. This makes it much easier for them to detect and treat problems quickly. During these regular visits, essential preventive care and maintenance, such as nail trimming and grooming, can be performed, which will keep your animal more comfortable and happy throughout the year.

Whether your pet is a reptile, amphibian, bird, or mammal, the experts at Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary services to keep your animal healthy and happy. From emergency to preventive care, this veterinary clinic uses state-of-the-art treatments and innovative therapies to treat a wide range of health conditions. To make an appointment today, call (570) 966-7387 or visit their website to find out more about their staff and exotic pet care services.