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How to Approach Emergency Air Conditioning Repair March 26, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
How to Approach Emergency Air Conditioning Repair , West Haven, Connecticut

When the weather reaches hot temperatures, having air conditioning issues becomes stressful. Instead of succumbing to the frustrations of the heat, however, moving through a simple checklist can quickly determine the cause of the problems. Also, with the help of a professional HVAC contractor, you can get your air conditioning system in working order again quickly.

Before jumping to any conclusions about the source of the AC issues, you can troubleshoot a few things yourself before consulting a professional HVAC contractor:

  • HVAC contractorCheck the Thermostat: If your system is set to an “out of town” mode or isn’t set a few degrees lower than the current air temperature in your home, the system won’t kick. Check the thermostat to make sure the system is in cooling mode, and set it correctly for the conditions.
  • Examine the Air Filter: Clogged air filters can prevent enough cold air from entering your home. This significantly decreases the system’s ability to adequately cool the temperature and can even make it freeze up. If the filter appears dirty, swap it out for a fresh one.
  • Check Power Sources: Replacing the thermostat’s batteries and checking for any tripped breakers is a good way to eliminate any potential simple fixes.
  • Inspect & Clean the Registers: Dusty and dirty registers can block the cool air from properly flowing throughout your home. Vacuuming them regularly (or when troubleshooting) will easily avoid this problem.
  • Check for Excessive Plant Growth: Your air conditioning system’s outdoor compressor needs enough space to operate correctly. If there isn’t at least two or three feet of space between it and any plant growth and five feet of clearance from the top to any trees, it could not be getting adequate airflow.

If none of the problems listed cause the issues, it’s best to shut the system down as soon as possible. Running it in its damaged state can quickly lead to more severe and costly problems. Once the system is powered down, call for the assistance of an HVAC contractor. With your troubleshooting information and the contractor’s expertise, the cause of the issue will hopefully be identified quickly. After the necessary repairs, your system will make your home cool and comfortable once again.


Apple Oil has been the go-to source for commercial and residential heating work in the West Haven, CT, region for more than 30 years. With a team of talented and experienced HVAC contractors, the company takes pride in offering a wide range of repair services with 365-day availability and affordable prices. For more information, call (203) 934-3835 or visit the website today.

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