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Why Having Multiple Checking Accounts Is a Savvy Financial Move March 27, 2018

Why Having Multiple Checking Accounts Is a Savvy Financial Move, Hodgenville, Kentucky

One of the keys to long-term financial success is directing resources to each of your financial goals and keeping those funds separated. Otherwise, it becomes too easy to dip into your vacation funds if the car breaks down, and you can make other small errors that create even more financial confusion. Maintaining separate checking accounts for these important purposes can help you stay on track and simplify your monthly budgeting.

How Multiple Checking Accounts Can Simplify Your Budgeting

The Wisdom of Dividing Your Money

checking accountWhether you’re saving for a new car or any other luxury expense, achieving those dreams takes some discipline. Even if you’re trying to save, however, having all of your money in one account can make it hard to calculate how much you actually have. With a separate checking account dedicated to each of your goals, you’ll always know exactly where you stand and won’t be as tempted to spend your emergency savings on restaurants or household bills.

How Many Checking Accounts Do You Need?

Of course, you’ll need your primary account, which you’ll use to pay your day-to-day expenses, like food, housing, and utility bills. Next, open another account to pay for car repairs, household emergencies, and other unexpected expenses that can ruin your budget. Your last checking account should be dedicated to travel, luxury purchases, or any other long-term goals you’re working toward.


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