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HVAC Technician Offers Maintenance Tips for People With Pets May 28, 2018

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
HVAC Technician Offers Maintenance Tips for People With Pets, Brooklyn, New York

If you have one or more pets, their fur and dander not only affect the air you breathe, but they can also wreak havoc with your HVAC system. To help you keep your pets safe, your indoor air quality high, and your furnace and air conditioner running smoothly, Premier Cleaning, the most reliable HVAC technician and duct cleaning company in Brooklyn, NY, offers the following heating and cooling maintenance tips for households with pets.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Households With Pets

Duct cleaning in Brooklyn, NY1. Change Filters Regularly

Even if you don't have a pet, your furnace and air conditioning filter should be changed every 60 to 90 days to prevent it from getting dirty, clogging the HVAC airflow, and increasing wear and tear on your system. However, this issue heightens if you have pets. They shed, produce pet dander, and bring in dirt and dust from outdoors. Therefore, to extend the system's life span and circumvent problems, pet owners should replace their furnace filters monthly.

2. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Another essential step is to schedule air duct cleaning annually. Even if you keep a spotless house and vacuum and dust regularly, if you rarely clean your ducts, a considerable amount of dust accumulates throughout the year. To prevent this from blowing out and recirculating through your home, hire a reliable HVAC technician or duct cleaning service to wipe them down and remove the pollen, dust, and other contaminants from your home for good.

3. Lower Your Thermostat While You're Gone

Your furry friends can tolerate a cooler home than you can, so feel free to lower your thermostat to 65 degrees in the winter whenever you're away from home for a few hours. If you would normally raise the temperature to 70 or 72 degrees, this will save you money on fuel costs while reducing wear and tear on your furnace. 

4. Keep Pets Away From Condenser

The air conditioning condenser in your yard has many moving parts that could be dangerous if your pets come in contact with them. Plus, it needs clearance around it to vent warm air properly, so keep your pets away from it, whether it’s with fencing or by some other method. It will keep them safe while ensuring your AC can operate properly.

To discuss chimney or duct cleaning with an experienced HVAC technician, contact Premier Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, (or their sister location in Westbury, NY). They also provide expert AC service and installation to help you stay comfortable all year, regardless of what the outside temperatures are. Visit the website to send them an online message or call (917) 275-3280 to request a quote.

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